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Bal Zen

Bal Zen (Patrick Fertey) joined "Les Cracheurs de Fées" in 2023 as bassist and singer.

Bal Zen Prod produces the album “Season 3” (Les Cracheurs de Fées).

Singer-songwriter, he evolves in the world of entertainment

for over 40 years. Having made his first scenes at the Opéra de

Paris, he goes from classical to jazz and from keyboard to bass during


After several years of concerts and audiovisual work in Paris

(ch celtet, alex and the pedestrians, the golden arrow, local tv, Chris

Marlow, maximum kouette (before universal) ), He now resides in

north Charente.

Fired from his last position as a music teacher

for medical reasons (the back, etc.), he has no other alternative than to

set up your own home studio (the scale) in 2018, work on

creations; then train to create the BAL ZEN PROD label in 2021.

At the end of 2022, the first official album is released: Reg

Everything (well almost) about Bal zen:

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