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Jim Sebor

▽ Autoportrait

Jim Sebor is the director of the 3D video "Qu'la vie est dure". He is also a visual artist and musician. Here he gives us his vision of Art: :


🇱🇷 "We reduce art to its simplest expression, which is love," said Andre Breton. I believe love is the driving force behind creating art. It is what makes it beautiful. Improvisation, chance, play, experimentation and the dream are aspects of surrealism that fit well with what I do naturally. It's what brings out the psychedelia, the twisted playfulness, the mysterious, the dark humor and whimsey you'll see in my work. The misuse of the word "surreal" associates it with something negative or ugly. However, what it is really about is love, poetry and most of all freedom. Surrealism unlocks the chains of rationalism and the things that limit our ability to live a more full life."

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